Ranjit Tinaikar met the rector of Technical University of Košice

Cooperation between Ness Košice and Technical University (TUKE) spans more than 12 years to the past. Numerous projects of various formats have been trying to connect students with Ness IT specialists to provide them with practical experience and feedback. 

Ranjit Tinaikar (CEO of Ness) accompanied by Ketan Karia (CDO for Europe and N. America) and the local Ness team led by Tomáš Futáš (Head of Ness Košice Center) and Zuzana Želinská (AVP Business Finance and Operations) met with the TUKE Rector Stanislav Kmeť, Vice-rector for Development and External Relations Jaroslav Porubän, Henrieta Dunne (TT Expert of Technicom), Peter Čižmár (IP Expert of Technicom) and Martin Mudrák (Plenipotentiary of the City of Košice for Innovation & Economic Development). 

The fruitful discussion summarized long-term successful cooperation and its valuable outputs. Both parties shared their actual plans and need to discover the areas of further prospective collaboration. Ness representatives offered support in the areas of transportation and manufacturing, which became an absolute Ness competence thanks to long-term experience and top-class work on global reputable projects. 

The focus on these areas has been proved by Ness Platinum partnership with the forthcoming Citython organized by Technicom (Digital innovation hub and science park of TUKE). 

Citython 2022 is an international event focusing on urban challenges in which the participating teams work on implementing their ideas from inception to presentable projects or prototypes in 54 hours. This year we are aimed at urban mobility, where a group of experts and students in the fields of urban issues, business, UX, marketing, and big data work together to create innovative solutions for our cities. During the weekend, the teams will be accompanied by experienced mentors and speakers. The culmination of the evening is 5-minute presentations, Q&A, and evaluation by a panel of judges who will select the 3 winning teams. 

Participating and Citython, Ness keeps focusing on support of projects with real outcomes applicable and beneficial for the real life of the community. This intention should be supported by Mr. Mudrák supporting local investments, promoting cross-sector collaboration, and fostering the Košice innovation ecosystem. 

After the discussion, Mr. Porubän presented OpenLab (Open digital platform) – an architecturally modern space equipped with cutting-edge technologies designed for all students. 

The meeting ended with a business lunch following all the interesting topics and ideas that arose during the Wednesday morning.