Nessáci na IoT Solutions World Congress

Niekoľko Nessákov si v máji odbehlo na renomovanú medzinárodnú konferenciu IoT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC) v Barcelone. Trojdňový event s viac ako 330 vystavovateľmi bol nabitý 95 konferenciami za účasti 270 „spíkrov“ a viac ako 12 000 návštevníkov. Prečítajte si krátky report našej kolegyne Sašky.


IOTSWC brought together suppliers of industrial solutions and information technology providers to present and discuss the latest trends across many industries like energy, automotive, agriculture, healthcare, etc. Expert talks and panel discussions were focused on solutions using technologies such as the Internet of Things, Digital Twins, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, 5G connectivity, and Quantum computing.

Among the exhibiting companies were AWS, Deloitte, KNX, Relayr, Siemens, Trellix, ABB, Altair, Braincube, Device Authority, Entrust, DigiCert, Emnify, Esri, Faircom, Fiware, Hitachi, Huawei, Kaspersky, Libelium, Richardson, TDA, and TXOne Networks.

We attended a number of presentations, discussions, and exhibitors each day, focusing mainly on topics and solutions close to our Manufacturing and Transportation domain.

Our key takeaways from the event are:

Digital Twins

A significant portion of all sessions was dedicated to Digital Twins. In recent years, companies have been building custom or leveraging existing IoT platforms, which allowed them to connect devices to the cloud and collect data. Those who have successfully completed this step are now ready to move to the next stage – leveraging the data. Data from sensors is one of the inputs that is used to build a virtual model that reflects reality – a digital twin. The digital twin can be a virtual representation of a single device but can also represent a process, building, factory, or whole city. Once established, it brings visibility to the current state and behavior of modeled object and can also be further used for simulations. Simulation results then can help companies in their decision process.

Digital Twins can help:

  • Manufacture better products
  • Manage production lines and supply chains
  • Fine-tune smart buildings
  • Manage city infrastructure

Digital twin sessions and exhibitions were held under the umbrella of the Digital Twin Consortium We talked to companies like Cosmo Tech and Slingshot Simulations to better understand their offering and how they can accelerate the digital twin adoption. As Digital Twins is an important topic and many interesting insights were presented, we will follow up and share more detailed information soon.


If you live in a safe area, you can leave your house unlocked, and nobody will enter even though everybody knows the door is not locked. Cyberspace is not such a place and attackers have various reasons to check the handle and visit the infrastructure, whether they want to access computation resources, get private information, ask for ransom or just harm everything. During the sessions, a couple of real-world IoT security breaches were described and cyber security companies showcased the products that help avoid them. An end-to-end solution to protect IoT infrastructure is a must-have, and related costs and planning should be incorporated into the product design. Trellix was one of the companies with an interesting session and exhibition stand.


Speakers and experts highlighted, that sustainability is no longer an option, but a mandatory requirement. „Make profitability sustainable and sustainability profitable“ was one of the main ideas of the event.