Customer Support Engineer

Project: Actimize
Technologies: Java, SQL, HTML, UML, XML

Join our force team, which fully understands our customers needs. We provide the IT solutions for customers issues they are raised and addressed to our „Special Task Force Team“. We are working efficiently on customers demands and our solutions are a great leading tool for our customers and an opportunity for us to better understand their requirements and needs.

About client

Our client is a world leader in providing solutions in the fight against financial crime. Amongst their product users are some of the world’s biggest banks and financial institutions. These products are used to expose and prevent money laundering and fraud as well as ensure higher levels of regulation and rules observance.

The Košice team is a key part of a large global team and was formed ten years ago as a ten-member team of developers and testers. At present it has more than 100 members covering activities from almost all phases of the product cycle.

Our task is to develop and upgrade a number of important products used in exposing cases of money laundering. We have teams of technical implementers providing installation and configuration of products with final customers in various parts of the world, as well as teams providing customer support.

Over the course of ten years we have built up a strong partnership with our client and become a key part of their long-term success.

What we do: We make impossible things happen. If there is a problem, we aim to identify it. If there is an issue, we try to resolve it. If you enjoy a thrill of puzzling out a seemingly impossible situation, join our „SWAT“ team.

Location: Košice

Requirements and Tech Stack

The role requires:

  • Analyze defects reported by the customer and propose/implement the solutions
  • Track the investigation details, track the implemented changes
  • Gain technical knowledge of products
  • Share the knowledge with other members of the team and other teams
  • Communication with client on daily basis
  • Work independently, report progressively
  • Work on multiple tasks simultaneously

Essential Skills and Experience:

  • Java: object oriented programming principles, operators, flow control statements, exceptions, collections, basic I/O
  • SQL: nested selects, aggregation functions, constraints, joins, set operations, data manipulation, structure modification
  • HTML: web page structure, basic elements, tables, formatting, links
  • CSS, Javascript (advantage)
  • XML: syntax, naming rules parsers, validation/schemas, transformation (advantage)
  • UML (advantage): structural diagrams, behavioral diagrams read/understand the code, identify root cause of a defect, propose a solution
  • Communication skills (ability to): obtain sufficient information (from customer service representative) regarding a defect collect necessary pieces of knowledge (within a team/company) in order to understand and fix the code
  • English – intermediate

Employees perks and benefits

• Flexible working hours
• Home Office
• Extra Vacation days
• Holiday/homeoffice bonus
• Relax rooms

• Multisport card
• Technical courses, Certifications
• Worldwide IT Conferences
• Commercial partners discounts
• Ness Summer club – full-day summer program for children of our employees

• Referral Program – to refer new employee
• High-standard working conditions
• Geeky Fridays
• Massage

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