Customer Engagement Engineer

Project: Actimize
Technologies: Java, SQL, HTML

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  • Java:
    object oriented programming principles, operators, flow control statements, exceptions, collections, basic I/O
  • SQL:
    nested selects, aggregation functions, constraints, joins, set operations, data manipulation, structure modification
  • HTML:
    web page structure, basic elements, tables, formatting, links
  • CSS, Javascript (advantage)
  • XML:
    syntax, naming rules
    parsers, validation/schemas, transformation (advantage)
  • UML (advantage):
    structural diagrams, behavioral diagrams
    read/understand the code, identify root cause of a defect, propose a solution

Communication skills (ability to):

  • obtain sufficient information (from customer service representative) regarding a defect
  • collect necessary pieces of knowledge (within a team/company) in order to understand and fix the code
  • English – intermediate

Employees perks and benefits

• Flexible working hours
• Home Office
• Extra Vacation days
• Holiday/homeoffice bonus
• Relax rooms

• Multisport card
• Technical courses, Certifications
• Worldwide IT Conferences
• Commercial partners discounts
• Ness Summer club – full-day summer program for children of our employees

• Referral Program – to refer new employee
• High-standard working conditions
• Geeky Fridays
• Massage

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